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Last Mile Delivery Solution

Our robust solutions, ensuring your deliveries more efficient, on-time, accurate, and cost-effective.
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Reduction in Delivery Errors for a Global Retail Chain


Decrease in Delivery Costs for a Leading Logistics Company


On-Time Delivery Rate for a Pharmaceutical Distributor


Reduction in Delivery Errors for a Global Retail Chain


Decrease in Delivery Costs for a Leading Logistics Company


On-Time Delivery Rate for a Pharmaceutical Distributor

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Unleashing Efficiency with Mobility Last-Mile Delivery Solution

Online/Offline Usage

Seamlessly conduct business regardless of internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted operations and flexibility for on-the-go usage.

Low Code Platform

Harness the power of a forward-thinking platform, providing cutting-edge features and the flexibility to adapt to evolving business needs through a low-code environment.

Mobile-Centric Solution

Experience the full potential of mobile efficiency with a solution designed from the ground up for mobile devices, optimizing user experience and performance.

Integrate with any ERP

Achieve complete interoperability by effortlessly integrating with any ERP system, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized data flow across your enterprise ecosystem.

Feature-Rich Last Mile Delivery Solution

Our Last Mile Delivery solution is equipped with a range of powerful features designed to enhance every step of your delivery process.

Vehicle Allocation

Efficiently allocate vehicles by zone, utilizing color codes for quick identification, considering dimensions and weight for optimal load distribution and easily creating manifests.

Load Goods

Confirm orders, load goods into the vehicle, and capture GPS coordinates and timestamps for accurate tracking. Update inventory in real-time.

Check Manifest

Access a comprehensive list of customers and their corresponding orders. Review vital route leg information and delve into specific order details.

Stock Balance

Efficiently manage your stock by viewing the loaded items. Access itemized inventory details to track your supplies accurately.

Amend Delivery

Make adjustments as needed by allowing quantity modifications based on your configuration, ensuring flexibility and accuracy in order processing.

Take Photos

Capture multiple photos as proof of delivery for various scenarios, ensuring comprehensive documentation.

Capture Signature

Efficiently collect electronic signatures from recipients as irrefutable proof of delivery.

Payment Collection

Streamline payment collection with automated pop-ups for COD orders. Conveniently collect payments for both COD orders and pending terms invoices.

Benefits of Simplr's Last Mile Delivery Solution

Effortless Delivery Management

Seamless order allocation, real-time route optimization making the entire delivery process hassle-free.

Real-Time Visibility

You’ll always know where your packages are and when they’ll arrive, keeping your customers satisfied.

Cost Reduction

With optimized routes, reduced fuel consumption, and enhanced driver efficiency, you’ll save money.

Enhance Efficiency

Simplify the delivery process by optimizing routes, ensuring faster and more efficient deliveries.

Real-Time Tracking

Track your drivers and orders as they move, allowing you to make informed decisions and provide accurate delivery estimates to customers.

Improve Accuracy

Ensure that the right products are delivered to the right customers with precision.

Customer Satisfaction

Provide customers with accurate delivery times and live tracking, boosting their confidence and overall satisfaction

Proof of Delivery

Capture visual proof and customer signatures for every delivery, reducing disputes and enhancing transparency.

Seamless Integration with Any ERP and Accounting Systems

Our Last Mile Delivery Solution is designed for seamless integration with the industry’s leading ERP and Accounting systems.Simplr’s Last Mile Delivery Solution effortlessly integrates to streamline your operations and enhance data accuracy.

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