Leading Marine and Offshore Supplier Transforms Operations: Achieved 100% Stock Accuracy with Simplr WMS

Discover how BH Global Corporation Ltd leveraged Simplr’s Warehouse Management System to streamline warehouse operations and achieve remarkable efficiency gains.

Impact Achieved


Stock Accuracy


Increase in Warehouse Efficiency

Real-Time Visibility

into Inventory Status

“Simplr made all impossible became possible. Because of Simplr WMS we achieved 100% stock accuracy and helped us to increase overall warehouse efficiency.”

Logistics Director
BH Global Corporation Ltd,

BH Global Corporation Ltd, Singapore

Industry: Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing

From humble beginnings, BH Global Corporation Ltd (SGX: BQN) has grown and evolved itself to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions in varying fields. BH Global is focused on continual transformation and improvement through sustainable Digitalisation, Electrification, and Environmental initiatives. These initiatives value-add to our products and services by providing better solutions to our clients. Providing solution for




Annual Revenue

Challenges Faced by BH Global

As BH Global navigated the intricacies of the logistics and warehousing industry, they encountered various challenges that hindered operational efficiency and growth. From the need for better inventory management to the limitations of manual warehouse operations, the company faced obstacles that threatened to impede their success. However, recognizing the importance of overcoming these challenges, BH Global embarked on a journey to streamline their warehouse operations and enhance their overall efficiency.
BH Global Corporation Ltd encountered challenges in effectively managing their inventory due to the complexity of their operations and the diverse range of products they dealt with. Manual inventory management processes were proving to be inefficient and error-prone, leading to inaccuracies in stock levels and difficulties in fulfilling orders promptly.
The reliance on manual methods for verifying inventory figures resulted in time-consuming and labor-intensive processes. Employees had to manually count and reconcile inventory, leading to delays in updating stock levels and increasing the risk of errors.
The company’s warehouse operations were predominantly manual, with limited automation and digitalization. This manual approach led to errors in order fulfillment, as wrong items were sometimes picked and shipped, causing delays and customer dissatisfaction.
They recognized the critical importance of maintaining a high level of stock accuracy to meet customer demand and ensure efficient warehouse operations. However, achieving this level of accuracy posed significant challenges due to manual processes and limited visibility into inventory movements.
Manual warehouse operations were prone to human errors, such as mispicks, miscounts, and misplacements, leading to inventory discrepancies and fulfillment errors. These errors not only impacted operational efficiency but also affected customer satisfaction and retention.
The company’s warehouse operations were inefficient and lacked optimization, resulting in suboptimal use of resources and space. Inefficient workflows and processes contributed to longer lead times, increased operational costs, and reduced productivity.
They faced challenges in gaining real-time visibility into warehouse processes and inventory movements. Limited visibility hampered decision-making and made it challenging to identify and address operational inefficiencies and bottlenecks promptly.

Solutions Deployed

Simplr Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Implemented a Warehouse Management System to automate and optimize warehouse operations, from receiving and put-away to picking, packing, and shipping.

20+ Warehouse Personnels
Integrated with their ERP to enhance data accuracy

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Solutions Deployed

Warehouse Management System

Implemented a Warehouse Management System to automate and optimize warehouse operations, from receiving and put-away to picking, packing, and shipping.

Benefits Realized

Automated Error-Free Warehouse Operations

Achieved seamless and error-free warehouse operations throughout the inventory management process.

Real-Time Inventory Status

Gained real-time visibility into inventory status and movements, enabling proactive decision-making.

100% Stock Accuracy

Ensured 100% stock accuracy, eliminating discrepancies and inaccuracies in inventory counts.

Eliminated Human Errors

Minimized human errors in warehouse operations, leading to improved efficiency and accuracy.

Reduced Manpower

Achieved a significant reduction in manpower requirements, resulting in cost savings and operational efficiency gains.

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Improved warehouse efficiency and accuracy, enhancing overall productivity and customer satisfaction.
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