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Distributor Management System

Integrates your distribution network with data capture at every node to optimise resources and provide a macro view of the supply chain.
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Increase in Productivity for an FMCG Giant


Surge in Revenue for a Leading Wholesale Distributor


Inventory Accuracy for a Leading Manufacturer


Increase in Productivity for an FMCG Giant


Surge in Revenue for a Leading Wholesale Distributor


Inventory Accuracy for a Leading Manufacturer

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Complexities of Multi-Tier
Distributor Management

Communication Breakdown

Teams using traditional communication methods will create data silos and exchange of information will take time and effort.

Lack of Secondary Sales Visibility

Lack of visibility across levels like geography, SKUs and salesmen hinders effective decision-making.

Over-Dependence on Multiple Systems

When distributors are required to use multiple systems, data inefficiencies and redundancy come into play.

Delayed Decision Making

Teams need quick access to data enabling well-informed decision-making towards consumer demand.

Benefits of Having of Simplr Distributor Management System

Real-Time Data Exchange

Simplr Distributor Management System ensures real-time data exchange between manufacturers, principals, and their multi-tier distributor network.

Comprehensive Visibility

Gain comprehensive visibility across multiple dimensions, including geography, salesmen, SKU performance, and customer-specific data.

Streamline Communication

Establish seamless and streamlined communication channels within the multi-tier distributor network. Centralize data for easy access.

Efficient Promotion Handling

Distributors can manage promotions effectively, leading to better results and increased customer engagement.

Empower Field Force

Empower distributors and their sales force with automated processes and streamlined operations.

Quick Decision Making

Quick access to critical data enables faster responses to market changes and consumer demands.

Time-to-Market Improvement

Speed up product distribution processes with efficient order management and automated workflows.

Boost Productivity

Increase overall productivity, ensuring optimal efficiency in field operations.

Streamline Your Distributor Networks with our Robust DMS

Optimized for Diverse Distributor Networks

Whether you’re managing a network with varying sizes, geographic locations, or product portfolios, our system provides the flexibility and scalability to optimise operations and drive growth.

  • Tailored solution to accommodate the unique requirements of diverse distributor networks. 
  • Scalable platform capable of managing networks of any size and complexity. 
  • Streamlines communication, order processing, and inventory management across multiple distributors. 
  • Provides comprehensive insights and analytics to optimise performance and decision-making.

Efficient Trade Promotion and Claim Reimbursement

From planning and executing promotions to processing claims and analysing ROI, our Distributor management system automates and streamlines the entire process, saving time, reducing errors, and maximising the effectiveness of promotional activities.

  • Automated tools for planning, executing, and tracking trade promotions across distributor networks.
  • Seamless integration with accounting systems for accurate and timely claim reimbursement processing.
  • Real-time visibility into promotion performance, allowing for quick adjustments and optimization.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics to measure the impact and ROI of trade promotions.

Optimized Secondary Sales Execution

With real-time visibility into sales activities and performance metrics, distributors can enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction throughout the sales process.

  • Streamlined order management workflows for faster processing and fulfilment of secondary sales orders.
  • Accurate inventory tracking and replenishment to prevent stockouts and ensure product availability.
  • Automated salesforce tools to empower field representatives and enhance customer engagement.
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting to monitor sales performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Increase Visibility Across Distributor Sales Team

Our Distributor Management System provides enhanced visibility across the distributor sales team, allowing managers to track performance, monitor activities, and optimise resources effectively. 

  • Centralised dashboard for real-time monitoring of sales team activities, performance metrics, and KPIs.
  • Customizable reporting and analytics tools to track key sales indicators and trends.
  • Mobile accessibility for on-the-go access to sales data, reports, and communications.
  • Collaboration features for seamless communication and coordination among sales team members.

Advance Management Analytics for Informed Strategic Planning

By leveraging sophisticated analytics tools and algorithms, our platform enables businesses to extract valuable insights from their data, uncover hidden patterns and trends, and make informed strategic decisions to drive growth and competitive advantage.

  • Cutting-edge analytics tools and algorithms for advanced data processing and analysis.
  • Actionable insights to identify market trends, customer preferences, and competitive dynamics.
  • Predictive modelling and forecasting capabilities to anticipate future opportunities and challenges.
  • Scenario planning and simulation tools to evaluate alternative strategies and assess their potential impact.

Why Simplr Distributor Management System?

Choose Simplr’s Distributor Management System for unparalleled efficiency in streamlining operations, optimizing relationships, and elevating your distribution network to new heights.

Mobility at the Core

Simplr's solutions are natively developed for mobile platforms, offering online/offline capabilities.

Low-Code Efficiency

Our low-code platform allows you to rapidly develop and customize solutions, aligning them with your unique business processes.

Supply Chain Expertise

Simplr's deep domain knowledge in upstream and downstream supply chain operations informs our solutions.

Comprehensive One-Stop Solution

Simplr offers an all-encompassing solution that supports supply chain automation, distributor management, and more.

Tailored to Distribution

Simplr's solutions are designed with a focus on the distribution industry, specifically FMCG/CPG businesses.

Complete Business Insights

With Simplr, gain real-time insights into your business's performance, trends, and operational efficiency.

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