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Field Sales Automation Solution

Truly enables the sales force and makes it more productive, while giving management visibility of the entire sales force and customer base.
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Increase in Productivity for a Leading FMCG Manufacturer


Boost in Sales for a Top-Tier Retail Chain


Shelf Stock Precision for a Major Pharmacy Retailer


Increase in Productivity for a Leading FMCG Manufacturer


Boost in Sales for a Top-Tier Retail Chain


Inventory Accuracy for a Leading Manufacturer

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Covering Every Aspect of Field Sales Automation

Pre Sales

Transform your customer acquisition strategy with Simplr, streamlining pre-sales operations and empowering your teams for efficient prospecting and proposal creation

Van Sales

Elevate your van sales operations, optimizing routes, on-the-go order management, and real-time updates for a seamless and satisfying customer experience.


Drive sales and enhance product visibility, providing merchandisers with powerful tools for planogram creation, promotion management, and valuable survey insights.

Vending Machine Management

Extend your reach to vending machine operations, ensuring effective monitoring, inventory tracking, sales data collection, and timely restocking for maximum profitability.

Works Across Trade Channels

General Trade

Grow ticket sizes, strengthen retailer and vendor relationships and diversify order baskets for improved performance. 

Modern Trade

Enhance footfall conversion by ensuring visibility and product availability, securing a significant share in retail store exposure. 


Efficiently streamline the customer acquisition process and ongoing relationship management within the B2B sectors.


Leverage existing warehouses, distributors, and retailers as fulfilment points for your own D2C channel.

Empower Everyone in Your Route-to-Market

Field Sales Executives



Product Promoter

Van Sales Reps

Retailers & Distributors

Benefits of Field Sales Automation Software

Boost Productivity

Increase sales and merchandiser productivity, ensuring optimal efficiency in field operations.

Sales Growth

Drive sales growth, leveraging real-time insights and efficient order processing.

Enhance Visibility

Gain real-time visibility into field activities, allowing quick decision-making and timely responses to market demands.

Route Optimization

Achieve the most efficient sales routes for your teams. Our solution helps optimize territories and track planned routes to improve sales operations.

Reduce Wastage

Streamline operations to minimize food wastage and operational costs, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective approach.

Improve Customer Service

Elevate customer service by ensuring product availability, timely order processing, and seamless buying experiences, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Efficient Order Management

Order management becomes a breeze with our SFA. It automates the process and ensures that sales orders are accurate, reducing errors and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Quick Decision Making

Enable quick decision-making with actionable insights, empowering your team to respond rapidly to market changes.
Strategic Field Sales Transformation

Improve Sales Performance With Results-Driven Solutions

Elevate Sales Efficiency with AI-driven Order Taking App

Created to supercharge sales teams’ results and performance. Leverage SKU suggestions, automatic scheme applications, and streamlined stock management to grow sales and revenue with ease.

  • Enhance sales efficiency by harnessing AI assistance efficacy.
  • Empower your sales reps with smart SKU suggestions and automated scheme applications.
  • Streamline stock management, returns processing, and issue resolution.
  • Implement end-to-end route-to-market strategies effortlessly.

Optimise Merchandising Performance with Visual Audit Intelligence

Realise the potential of your retail merchandising using our Visual Audit Intelligence solution. Gain and leverage smarter insights into installation performance, campaign efficacy, and product displays from your sales team’s perspective.

  • Achieve merchandising excellence with comprehensive visual audit intelligence.
  • Empower sales teams to evaluate installation, campaign effectiveness, and product displays.
  • Capture valuable feedback and insights through photo documentation.
  • Improve data reliability and reduce audit costs with advanced machine learning.

Enhance Retailer Engagement through Strategic Route Optimisation

Leverage our orbit optimisation algorithm to create efficient routes tailored to your team’s skills and store profiles. Evaluate new territories, estimate travel costs, and foster stronger customer relationships.


  • Optimise field operations and maximise retailer engagement with strategic route optimisation.
  • Utilise advanced algorithms to create efficient routes tailored to your team’s skills.
  • Assess new territories, estimate travel costs, and enhance customer relationship management.
  • Drive sales growth and efficiency through optimised route planning and execution.

Overcome Van Sales Hurdles with Smart Execution Solutions

Leveraging advanced technology, we detect and resolve issues, refine demand forecasting, and optimise market coverage strategies. Boost productivity, streamline operations, and elevate sales performance with precise notifications and automated problem-solving.

  • Optimise delivery routes based on real-time data, ensuring efficient use of time and resources.
  • Refine demand forecasting and optimise market coverage strategies 
  • Drive productivity and streamline operations with precise notifications and automated solutions.
  • Provide sales reps with customer-specific insights and preferences to personalise interactions and drive sales

Enhance Territory Management with Data-driven Insights

Utilise accurate customer data, GPS locations, and store classifications to prioritise visits and maximise business opportunities. Streamline route planning and optimise resource allocation with precision.

  • Optimise territory management and maximise business opportunities with data-driven insights.
  • Utilise accurate customer data, GPS locations, and store classifications for strategic route planning.
  • Streamline resource allocation and enhance operational efficiency with precise territory management.
  • Drive sales growth and efficiency through strategic route optimization and data-driven insights

Activate Operational Excellence with Smart Vending Machine Management

Empower your vending operations with our cutting-edge Vending Machine Management solution, designed to optimise efficiency and maximise performance..

  • Utilise advanced inventory tracking to ensure optimal stock levels and prevent stockouts.
  • Automate restocking processes for efficient inventory replenishment and reduced downtime.
  • Streamline cash handling procedures to optimise revenue collection and financial management.
  • Implement comprehensive vending strategies seamlessly, from installation to maintenance and beyond.
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