Simplifying Fresh Produce Distribution Operations and Management

Our end to end Distribution Management Solution for the Fresh Produce industry enables real-time
visibility and insightful decision-making.

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We Make It Our Job to Help You Address Key Industry Challenges

  • Complexity in multi-level distribution
  • Low visibility and traceability
  • High wastage and spoilage volumes
  • Insufficient products variety displayed in retail outlets
  • Delayed decision making due to lack of automation
  • Resource turnover and retraining issues
  • Challenges with recording data consistently 
  • Data errors due to unstructured communication
  • Difficulty in tracking shelf life
  • Volatility in cost pricing

We have been simplifying the distribution challenges in the fresh produce industry for over 20 years in the following areas

Our Customers Tell us that Simplr Solutions

Distribution Management Solution

Our multi-channel distribution management solutions help transform complex distribution scenarios into easily manageable operations through a set of product features that have been designed keeping simplicity in Mind

Our Offerings

Order Management & Execution

Helps to manage orders that come from both physical / digital channels and stores those orders in single system. So order fulfilment will be easier.

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Sales Force Automation
Solution (SFA)

Enables the sales force and makes it more productive, while giving management visibility of the entire sales force and customer base. It includes Pre-sales, Van Sales, Merchandising and Vending Machine Management.

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Watch SFA - Explainer Video

Distributor Management

The complete tracking and distribution solution integrate your distribution network with data capture at every node to optimise resources and provide a macro view of the supply chain.

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