How to select best supply chain management software.

Effective supply chain management software (SCM Software) is an immeasurable asset to a business or an organization, and having SCM software is even more valuable. Yet, the value surpasses how considerate you are when searching for the right SCM software.

Hereby, let us move into a few tips to find the best supply chain software so that you can handle the industry more elegantly than before.

11 Tips to find best supply chain management software.

Here are 11 tips for finding the best supply chain management software,

1. Determine the functions your company requires.

The foremost factor you need to be considerate of is what your company requires and the needs of your company. You might be wondering why you need to give priority to determining the functions of the software management system for your business.

And here’s why…let’s get into an easy peasy example which is far away from software management, for your ease of comprehension …

Visualize you own a grocery shop and also a shop associated with technology. And you decide to that you love eggs and buy eggs to stock in your grocery shop so that people can purchase. Of course, a grocery shop can have eggs, yet what if you decide to sell eggs in your shop associated with technological equipment…? Would it be a worthy course? We would say no, won’t we? And it is, of course, a no…

And that is the obvious reason why you need to priorities your business needs. Otherwise, you would find a SCM software system that is not worthy of the course. Therefore, analyze the requirements that your business or organization truly requires instead of just settling for any supply chain management software system.

2. The facilities you can count on.

Facilities you can count on are all about the technological and infrastructure facilities that your company comprises.

This does not mean that you cannot start up a supply chain management software if you don’t have the highest level of infrastructure or technological facilities in your business, but it implies that the SCM software that you are going to integrate into your company should comprise of functions which your facilities can handle. 

In simple words, you should be able to use the this kind of software without any infrastructure or technical development just for the sake of integrating the software. But, then, that would be another liability gaining along with another asset! 

Therefore, check out a SCM which aligns with your current infrastructure and technological facilities.

3. All might not know “coding”.

Everyone might not know how to code, and sometimes one might be unable to learn coding in the most expert way.

And why are we mentioning coding here?….As you might know, different SCM software provides their services in different ways. And some software requires the expertise and knowledge of coding, while some are just easy to tackle and do not require excess expertise in coding. These are built according to the needs of different types of businesses and organizations.

Yet, as I mentioned before, it is vital to choose between requiring to change the code and not requiring to change the code, which gives rise to two words, namely: customization and configuration, respectively. And all most all the time, it is better to go for supply chain management software which can be configured instead of customized.

Just keep in mind the easier to take with different features of the software without code writing; it is just going to be a stress-relief for all.

4. Real-time data visibility.

At present, the supply chain management field is a highly competitive sector, and everybody needs a win-win. And in that aspect, a supply chain management system software is just so ideal. When a supply chain management system is used manually instead of using software, it can be quite a hassle. It might take time to know where the product is and whether it was delivered to the right place, whether the warehouse lacks the products that need to be sold the next day, and so many such issues may arise. 

Yet, if you have one of the best supply chain management software, you will find resolutions to each of these. Therefore, when a supply chain management system is to be integrated, it is crucial to consider a software system which gives you real-time data visibility access. Hence, you will know when the products get delivered, are any more stocks to sell on the next day and much more.

In addition, real-time data visibility will also give you a chance to identify the problems in the specific sector and help you mitigate the issues.

5. Financial eligibility.

Another viable factor we need to consider is financial eligibility; how much we could afford to integrate a SCM software system.

Some SCM software could be costlier than others and might include the same features or might not. And also, to point it out, don’t always go for the cheaper software as it is not always a good option.

Even if you are eligible to integrate a cheap supply chain management software compared to another software, it might not be quite the one you need and might be according to the required standards or might not comply with the business needs and vice versa. The costliest does not mean that it will cover your needs. Therefore, since this is a huge financial commitment, it is a must to consider your financial eligibility along with the company’s needs.

6. The company associated with the software.

You really do not want to get caught up in fraud and let your financial assets move deep down into the oceans. And you definitely will have the need to meet your requirements for your business. 

Hence, it is vital to check up on the company with which you are going to integrate the software with because the connections built after integrating the software will go a long way.

Therefore make sure that you can entrust the company associated with integrating the supply chain management system software and have the required certifications and license along with the other criteria which are required to be one of the best supply chain management system software according to the needs and wants of your business or organization.

7. The feedback and reviews of the software.

Feedback and reviews are one of the easiest ways to find out the best SCMS solution for your business or organization. 

You might think looking into feedback and reviews of others might be opinionated when you are in search of the “right” software. Still, these can definitely give you a pretty good insight into supply chain management software.

Yet, no matter what, you need to be cautious of bot reviews and make sure you are following the “real-human” insights. In order to do this, search for a trustworthy review site in which you can get insights into the relevant SCM software.

8. Can be updated and upgraded.

Technology is vastly changing and faster in pace. And so do the supply chain management software technologies. Within five years or maybe within a short period of 6 months or 1-year things might get upgraded, increasing the ease of software usage. And, of course, we integrate a supply chain management system software to be efficient and enhance the supply chain management field so the necessary needs and wants can be achieved effectively.

Therefore, the first time itself, it is much better to integrate a SCM software which can be easily updated and upgraded for the better with the new technology that will be surpassed in future.

9. The ongoing support and after support.

The ongoing support and after-support are crucial and cannot be ignored. 

Try to find out a supply chain management system software company which would involve in the whole process even after integrating the software and give support throughout. The technology partner you paired up with should be able to collaborate and help you out when the software needs an upgrade and an update according to the futuristic needs that the company will follow up with.

Therefore, when searching for the best supply chain management software, you better check out for a tech partner who would support you through thick and thin within the supply chain management criteria.

10. User-friendly platform.

Just keep in mind your sales team might not always be highly proficient with technological aspects, even if they are experts in the field of supply chain management. As I have mentioned before, things like coding might not be to everyone’s taste.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the supply chain management software which is being integrated is user-friendly, which means the work should be more accessible rather than being a burden and a totally time-wasting aspect.

11. Cloud-based or on-premise software.

Last but not least, checking whether your company requires cloud-based or on-premise software is of utmost importance.

Cloud base software is where the software is hosted on the vendor’s server, and you will have to access it through the web browser, while on-premise software is where the software is installed in the local servers and computers of your business.

Choosing between these two according to your needs would help in the long run of your business definitely.

Benefits of supply chain management software.

Now you know the tips to find the supply chain management software, but there may be second thoughts on why you should be integrating the supply chain management software for your business. Here are 5 reasons why it will be benefited in the long run of your business or organization,

  • Increased productivity
  • Cutting out overhead costs
  • Management of inventory
  • Ability to forecast
  • Risk mitigation

And that, of course, does not stop there. To know more about the benefits of supply chain management, check out simplr’s blog on “11 advantages of effective supply chain management”. We are sure that you will be more passionate about integrating a supply chain management system software due to the great number f benefits it will give you.


And it’s time to wind up, and we hope you were able to enhance your knowledge on finding the best supply chain management software for your business or organization; we hope you will definitely find the right one for you!


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