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Simplr SFA Features


Continuous tracking of your visit plans and market routes on daily basis which accomplishes. Good internal communication. Proper management of daily target and task. Regular tracking of daily stock taking and automated loading.

Market Intelligence

Provides feedback for your activities through surveys and other market intelligence activities like Store walks, competition price check, etc.

Asset Tracking

The excellent tracking system of all your assets for proper process and maintenance like status-maintenance, cleaning schedules for assets like refrigerators and freezers etc.

Assisted Sales

With distributed management efficient assistant for your sales like auto prompts for potential upselling and cross-selling. Keep tracking of orders and do preload easily and also special item’s promotions easily.

Product Promotion

Clear knowledge about what you have like a comprehensive digital catalog of all offerings and products with all details like rates, photos, videos, descriptions, and offers, etc.


Reach your customer’s heart with a proper invoice. Digital form with preset configurable fields which will be filled at the time of sales.

Credit Controls

Either it is an identification of previous defaulters or supervisor’s approval of on credits, you can track and hold the communication with our product.

Payment Collection

Cover all your payment activities like invoices, receipts, and payment information, etc., manage a better payment collection system with simpler steps from Simplr.

Vending Machine Management

Know your activities and progress your business, with vending machine management, create a report of replenishing machines, record meter readings and cash collection.

Tracking & Planning

Report that helps you keep tracking essentials like sales person’s visits, time spent and target vs actual sales. Near real-time data and analytics, build up your strategies on achieving each target.

Potential For Increased Profit & Revenue

Benefits of having reduced returns, optimized inventory management, effective and clear cut promotions, and credit management.

Exception / Territory Management

Divide and manage to have the best control over optimal sales routes, segmenting customers into sub territories and also keeping track of planned and actual routes.

Workflow And Task Management

Clear-up the backlogs by monitoring the sequence of functions that has to be completed and to manage configurable workflow components.


Bird’s eye view of every actions and performance of territories and salespersons.

Product And Promotion Planning

Provide complex offers in terms of discounts and FOC and also on special items to be promoted.

Top Benefits

Up to


Increased Sales

Up to


Increased Productivity

Up to


Reduce Sales Administrative Time

Simplr SFA – Sales Force Automation Solution

Consumer businesses need to manage a huge network of distributors, dealers and retailers to undertake sales, across a complex channel across both general and modern trade outlets. Managing this channel manually takes up a huge amount of your team’s time, which can be used more productively. Our comprehensive field sales force automation solution optimise productivity, efficiency and management visibility with real-time information and support.

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Pricing for Simplr SFA

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SMEs from Singapore can get up to 70% of funding support from the government for our SFA solutions under Productivity Solutions Grant. To know more about the IMDA packages, contact us.
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Our Package Begins at$25,000
After 80% Grant $25,000 $7,500

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IMDA Grant?

The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) supports companies keen on adopting IT solutions and equipment to enhance business processes with up to 80% funding support.

Small Medium Enterprises (SME) in Singapore can apply for Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG).

SMEs in Singapore are eligible if the meet the following criteria: 
1. At least 30% local Shareholding.
2. Group annual sales turnover of less than $100 million.
3. Employment size of not more than 200 workers.

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