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Reduced Sales Administrative Time

Empower Your
Field Sales Force

Simplr’s field Sales Force Automation (SFA) Solution – for use on hand-helds by both Van Sales Teams and Order-taking Teams – that truly enables the sales force and makes them more productive, while giving Management visibility of the entire sales force and customer base.

Simplr SFA Features


  • Visit plans and market routes
  • Daily targets & tasks
  • Internal communication
  • Daily stock-taking & Automated loading

Market Intelligence

  • Feedback through surveys and other Market Intelligence activities
  • Store walks, competition price check, etc

Assisted Sales

  • Auto-prompts for potential upselling and cross-selling
  • Promotions and must-buy special items
  • Preload of likely order based on customer history

Product Promotion

  • A comprehensive digital catalogue of all offerings
  • Products with rates, photos, videos, descriptions, offers, etc.


  • Digital form with preset configurable fields for invoice generation
  • Filled at the time of sale

Asset Tracking

  • Maintenance status, cleaning schedule, etc. of assets like refrigerators, freezers.

Vending Machine Management

  • Replenish Machines
  • Record Meter Readings
  • Collect Cash

Credit Controls

  • Identification of previous defaulters
  • Requests for supervisor approval

Payment Collection

  • Outstanding invoices, receipts, payment collection and payment information

Tracking and Planning

  • Salesperson’s visits, time spent, Target vs Actual Sales
  • Strategies on achieving each target
  • Near real-time data and analytics

Potential for Increased Profit/Revenue

  • Reduced returns
  • Optimised inventory
  • Effective promotions
  • Credit management

Territory Management

  • Optimal sales routes
  • Segmenting customers into sub-territories
  • Tracking of planned routes vs actual routes

Workflow and Task Assignment

  • A sequence of functions to be completed as clear workflow
  • Configurable workflow components


  • Performance of territories and salespersons

Product and Promotion Planning

  • Complex offers in terms of discounts and FOC
  • Special items to be promoted

Planogram Development

  • Clear shelf-space planograms
  • Auto comparison of photos of real merchandise on the shelves against planograms

Promotion Management

  • Promotions by time and outlet
  • Based on plans created by merchandisers
  • Audit of final promotion results

Category Experts

  • Key to modern trade sales
  • Influencing consumer behaviour
  • Tracking activities and capturing real consumer inputs


  • New surveys designed and allocated to specific team members
  • Understanding consumer behaviour and purchase patterns

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