20+ years of field experience with an aim to the simplified supply chain. Our solutions address all the complex needs of industries like manufacturing and distribution, logistics services, ecommerce fulfilment and comprises of more than 120 happy customers from SMEs to large MNCs.

Simplr’s apps are proven in the market across small, medium and enterprise customers. Over a hundred and twenty large, medium and small enterprises use Simplr solutions today across Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Letter From Our CEO

“Our solution are built with Cutting-edge Technology
Intuitive to Your Needs. We aims to be a game changer for enterprise mobility solutions in supply chain industry, bringing the power of mobile and handheld transactions to the enterprise sphere.”


CEO, Simplr Solutions Pte Ltd.

Built with Cutting-edge Technology

Intuitive to Your Needs

Simplr Solutions aims to be a game changer for enterprise mobile solutions, bringing the power of mobile and handheld transactions to the enterprise sphere.

Cutting-edge Mobility Solutions Providers

Make cutting-edge technology easy to use, while leading the industry by creating unprecedented design and features in mobile applications. Value every individual and organization in our team and our ecosystem.

Simplr offers easy-to-use, intuitive mobility solutions that serve to enable your sales force, provide complete visibility across a supply chain to the management, and helps run your business better. This solution footprint covers the direct sales force as well as distributors and stockists to drive increased sales and improved inventory management.

Simplr’s solutions are delivered through SAAS or on premises deployment methods and run across multiple platforms (Windows, iOS, Android) as well as on multiple devices (PC, rugged devices, tablets & smart phones).

All our applications are developed natively for the mobile platform, and are built for efficient device management from both BYOD and security view-points

The deep domain expertise of Simplr’s product engineering team ensures that all our applications are designed ground up to address the needs of field sales, warehouse and delivery processes – especially in FMCG/CPG business, and supply constraint sectors such as perishable goods and farm produce.

Our Offerings

Truly enables the sales force and makes it more productive, while giving management visibility of the entire sales force and customer base.

Top Benefits 

  • Improved Sales by Over 25%
  • Increased Productivity by Over 30%
  • Cuts Down Sales Administrative Time by 20%
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The complete tracking and distribution solution integrate your distribution network with data capture at every node to optimise resources and provide a macro view of the supply chain.

Top Benefits 

  • Total Field Force Visibility
  • Targeted Promotion and Discounts
  • Real – Time Data Sharing
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Helps improve efficiency of warehouse personnel at every stage – receiving, picking, storage, loading, delivery – and provides management with real-time control over inventory.

Top Benefits 

  • 100% Stock Accuracy
  • Increased Productivity by Over 30%
  • Eliminate Human Picking Errors
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Automates the E-commerce / Marketplace fulfilment process from order to warehouse with last-mile delivery visibility and provides management with real-time information and support.

Top Benefits 

  • Seamless Process from Order to Fulfilment
  • Effective Route Optimization
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
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Customer Testimonials

Koh Yeow Koon, Seng Choon Farm
Charlie, SEJ Frozen Food
Jhonny, BH Global
Charlie Seo, SEJ
Jhonny, BH Global