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Simplr-Zebra Event Singapore - 2019

November 2, 20190

Name of Event: Mobility Solutions for Salesforce and Warehouse Management
Date of Event: Oct, 23rd 2019
Location of Event: 71 Robinson Road, #05-02/03, Singapore

On Oct 23rd, Simplr and Zebra organized the Mobility Solutions for Salesforce and Warehouse
Management Conference, which focused on PSG Grant for modern enterprises.

The Conference was open to SMEs from fast-moving consumer goods, CPC, Distribution, and Manufacturing, Logistics & Warehousing services, Consignment Sales and approximately 30+ people were in
attendance. During the conference, attendees shared opinions, thoughts, and suggestions for the
solutions and IMDA Grant.


The keynote speaker was Mr. Ram Ananth, CEO of Simplr spoke about the solutions, shown
functionality demo with PSG Grant explanation.

During the day, conference participants had the opportunity to see Zebra’s Rugged devices. This
session completely organised by Zebra Team.

At the conclusion of the conference, Q/A session with gifts were presented to the entire group in


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