'Iceman' chooses Simplr Sales
to further streamline already efficient distribution processes

Many of us would have noticed 'Iceman' vans zipping by on our busy Singapore roads. But the passing glance wouldn't of course tell us of the meticulous planning, the hard work and the state-of-the-art technology that goes behind each such trip.

Uni-Tat Ice and Marketing, the Company behind the well-known 'Iceman' brand, produces and delivers a humungous 500 tons of ice daily from a 2.5-acre modern ice-making facility. And to support the high quality of manufacture, Uni-Tat maintains a large fleet of refrigerated vans, supported by cutting-edge refrigerated logistics and transportation mechanisms, to ensure pristine delivery of the frozen products even across long distances.

Uni-Tat's door-to-door delivery systems of frozen and refrigerated goods are so specialised that they are in great demand by other temperature-sensitive product manufacturers too, who use the Company's delivery mechanisms to good effect.

A growing fleet of 'Iceman' trucks, therefore - today numbering over 60 and growing by the day - ply the streets to ensure prompt and on-time delivery of ice and other products such as frozen seafood, ice-cream and vegetables. 24x7 and across the Island.

Uni-Tat naturally faces ever-increasing challenges in managing its entire order-to-delivery supply chain. Orders from the field as well as from their online store for their range of customised ice products, transportation tie-ups with other companies, and the just-in-time nature of deliveries of such perishable products, all require careful and minute-to-minute planning.

Going beyond their conventional systems, therefore, the Company recently tied up with Simplr, leader in mobility solutions that simplify supply chain processes. Simplr Sales, the van sales app that rests on the hand-held device of every sales and delivery personnel at Uni-Tat now, helps the Company to modernise and further streamline their delivery, invoicing and tracking processes.

Says Mr Andy Goh, Manager, Uni-Tat Ice and Marketing, "With our business growing steadily, we felt the need to automate our sales processes. Simplr Sales gives us that edge we need to stay efficient and informed despite increased volumes."

Mr Ashish Pujari, Director, Simplr Solutions, agrees. "Many companies grow their business but forget to buttress their systems to support the higher volumes. I compliment Uni-Tat for their foresight and planning in implementing Simplr Sales at an early stage, so that their high levels of efficiency and on-time delivery are maintained even through vast increases in business.

So, the next time you see an 'Iceman' van flashing by, you know all that drives that delivery!